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Reflective material based on the principle of reverse reflection, can use the lamp irradiation and light reflection, to "light" in front, to improve the driver found the distance of the front object, which can give the driver a more adequate time to take the appropriate safe disposal Measures. Compared with other types of road traffic safety measures, the use of retroreflective technology is undoubtedly a cost-effective and effective solution compared to the cost of mitigating road traffic accident injuries. In a sense, the application of retroreflective material is a more proactive safety precautionary measure that is more secure than the measures aimed at reducing the degree of damage, such as guardrail, after the accident Reflect the love of life. Figures 1 and 2 are photographs of various typical applications. From the 1930s onwards, in addition to the rapid use of a variety of science and technology industry to create a new type of retroreflective material to reduce road traffic injuries as soon as possible outside the material, the origin of reflective materials began to gradually start the application of reverse reflection technology To improve the road traffic safety conditions of the study!

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First, both require light to emit light, but the light emitted by the fluorescent material is longer than the wavelength of the irradiated light, and the wavelength of the reflected light does not change, but it may absorb some wavelength of light. Popularity, the fluorescent material can make you feel particularly eye-catching, but the brightness is not strong because he just some of the naked eye can not see the light to change the color into the naked eye, so that some eye-catching. But are the basic color of the fluorescent material close to the color, reflective material is no matter what you light, after irradiation he will reverse the reflection back (directional, high-end products can also be large-angle reflection) is characterized by no matter what light, such as on the road Sign blue, car lights are yellow and white, but the driver or passenger direction to see are blue signs. Reflective material The primary color Reflected light The stronger the light will feel the brighter and reflective material has an interesting feature, far away, but there is a specific distance from the reflective of the fluorescent material and the main difference between the reflective material is what? The best strength.

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