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How does the reflective cloth work? Do you know the reflective fabric?(Hits:) 
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1, Tu beads method:

The so-called coated beads method is the glass beads and binder mixed into a coating slurry, coated on the fabric made of. According to the different process can be divided into multi-channel processing method, and a liquid processing method.

2) a liquid a processing method:

This method is to combine the glass beads (or plastic microbeads) reflective materials, coloring pigments, adhesives and the like necessary for the multi-layer structure in the retroreflective processing. Now collectively referred to as the "global" ink, and then the ink prepared into a printing paste or coating slurry, by a coating or printing process processing, can be retro-reflective products.

2, planting method:

Pellet processing method is the use of high-voltage electricity generated strong electric field reflective, reflective cloth how to make the glass beads charged and adsorbed on the fabric of the static plastic method: or glass beads were evenly spread in the adhesive coated fabric On the bead method; or through the glass bead groove sticky beads method.


The base fabric is coated with a primer or coated with a coating layer.

Reflective cloth

Reflective cloth

3, transfer method:

Transfer Substrate A Pre-Treatment A Buzhu-Heat Treatment A Reflective Layer Treatment A Coating or Printing Process

(1) composite fabric a stripping a post-processing:

(2) hot melt back coating - composite protective material - plastic film products - to hot on the fabric.

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